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Patrick Prosic, the founder of L1Games is a trained and seasoned commercial artist with extensive 2D/3D skills, which he has appropriated very early in the evolution of computer graphics.

Specialized in the field of game development, he learned various design skills and became a game designer over time. During his time as a game designer, he visualized concepts and ideas for companies from different areas, while he also continued to expanded his skills in all game design related disciplines.

He is now working on his games and is offering his insights from time to time as a consultant for other development companies in Europe.

For Patrick, getting excited about games all started with pixeling sprites and backgrounds for games on a Commodore 64, where only 16 colors were available to create the dream of one's vision.

As a young artist he delivered 2D pixel assets for the Austrian company NEO, which later became Rockstar Vienna.

From the Commodore AMIGA he finally moved on to PC, where he extended his skills in 3D. In the late 90’s he learned to work with Softimage on SGI Indy hardware and created 3D environments for one of the world’s first VR game development company (Forte VFX1 headgears).

After he finished his work for Forte, he started to visualize company processes, products and concepts for more than a decade.

Besides getting into process design related areas, Patrick quietly enhanced his skills on real time engines like quake-edit, doom-3 and virtua-tools, which was the pioneering development environments like the one of today's unity3D engine.

In 2009 Unity3D finally became his main tool to create games. Together with other 2D/3D creation and planning tools, he was now able to produce any kind of content he wanted.

About the company

L1GAMES is a small indie game studio and startup on the way to create timeless arcade games for smartphones.

….and it all starts here.

About the founder