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L1Games has developed many game ideas, which in some cases already exist as a prototype or in an even more mature state, deciding which one to go with is not an easy task. To this end, we must first estimate the extent of the effort as opposed to the need for the market.

Here a small overview of some of them…

Here a small insight on some of them…

The agony of choice

The largest and, in turn, the most versatile and extensible project of all the others. A single- & multi-player prototype is already playable.

This zombie shooter called Shoot-Z is almost finished, but still needs a cool endgame! But hey, no rush! Zombies will never die out! ;)

Color Sports is a pixel based Ball-Shooter-Puzzle-Game that still needs its main gameplay. Not an easy part. A prototype already exists.

Right now DAIGANOID is just real time concept art up to the user interface. The game dynamics are inspired by the original classic Breakout. As long as it is not playable like the original, we won’t go further with it.

A 15 year old idea that we can only implement with the right programmer. A functioning and intuitive control scheme is already documented. Prototype exists!

…. yet there is much more we could show. If you would like to see one of those games coming to life, or you want to work on one of the games together with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.